SUMMER SURF  |  Southend

We finally got our first day of summer waves and everyone was on it.

The wave quality was pretty weak but the stoke was high! A few moments before sunset with my favorite

group of people at the southend of Lake Michigan. 



Commissioned for Wattage Personal Training in Chicago, this short follows

a client of the gym, Jacquline Gould on an average training session with Mark Roberts Fitness. 


MINUTE MEETUPS  |  Joanna Domanski

Joanna is a runner from the suburbs of Chicago and loves to get outside any chance she gets. She is a kinesiology major at UIC in Chicago and spends most of her time volunteering if she's not studying. We spent an afternoon on the trails of Waterfall Glen after a warm winter morning hiking at Starved Rock. 

Follow along Joanna's journey @joanna_kines


DRUM STUDY  |  Pat Noyes

Pat is a musician and filmmaker living in Chicago who loves to surf the Great Lakes. We've known each other for a handful for years now and he's inspired me to start doing more films. The other day we were hanging out and Pat played an unreleased track from his old band, Sidecar Static.  

See more from Pat @pat_noyes_pizza


WORLD SERIES 2016  |  Cubs Win!

108 years in the making, this is a first hand view into the night the Cubs won the World Series.  Wrigleyville was packed and more energetic than ever. I found taking still images wasn't enough and I switched into video mode to capture the sights and sounds more vividly. This is a quick one minute glance into an endless party in the streets. 


LOCAL BUSINESS  |  Saturate Chicago

Saturate is a Chicago based organization that aims to engage, inspire, and connect creatives within the city to enlighten their senses, elicit connections and think beyond a canvas.

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